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Defeat Cellulite Via Nutrition

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Hey it’s bikini season and there is nothing worse than the look of cellulite. Did you know that 90 percent of women suffer from this unsightly problem. It is more noticeable as you age which made me think that maybe it has something to do with lifestyle choices, first I thought only fat overweight people suffer from it but that is not the case although it is more apparent and common in overweight individuals. Another thing that is most likely obvious to everyone is the fact that it more common in women, this is due to the fat structure in women compared to men.

There are many ways to remove cellulite but what I am going to be focusing on in this post is just nutrition. From my online research I have found that people with  more acidic body’s tend to have more cellulite. Acidic body’ also cause many other health problems; it makes your body ideal breeding ground for pathogens (bacteria, fungus , viruses etc.) also your energy levels will be lower, your joints will not mend as well just to name a few of the health hazards of having a very alkaline body.

Alkalize Your Body

The main culprits to stay away from are refined sugar, alcohol, coffee and diary.

The main things to get more of are green leafy vegetables, lemons and fresh fruit.

I have included a chart below to help;

acid alkaline food chart

For the oils they could have added coconut oil (raw) or hemp seed oil. As you can see there is not any meat that will make your body alkaline, so making your diet consist mainly of fresh whole fruits and vegetables is the best place to start. An easy way to know your body is too acidic is if you are having problems with candida or acid reflux, there are many others but these are the most common.

Up Your Antioxidants

 Next you want to improve your intake of antioxidants. Some foods are more potent than others but as a general rule of thumb you want to stick to fresh whole fruits and vegetables, that is going to be a common theme not only in this post but in this entire blog, repetition is the key.

For the foods most rich in antioxidants you want to look for the foods with the brightest colors – the colors that will stain your clothing the worst. (Put it in your mouth not on your shirt :P)

Beetroot, Berries, Carrots, Oranges, Green leafy vegetables etc. Also some  more notable foods include Cacao (not cocoa) Chia seeds and Maqui berries. There are many other ways to remove cellulite but your diet is an excellent place to start, as an added bonus you will also improve your health overall!


Diet Do’s and Don’ts to Reduce Acne

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Diet has a huge impact on one’s appearance. Everything you eat will definitely show in your skin. Skin doctor Elliott Weiss, M.D. said that new research suggests that food intake may play a role in aggravating acne. Other clinical trials and researches also prove the relationship between diet and acne. Diet alone won’t leave your skin acne free and flawless. But if you want to have the perfect complexion, you certainly have to mind what you eat. Listed below are foods you must indulge with and foods you must avoid if you want to avoid or cure acne.

What to Eat:

  1. Juicy vegetables like cucumber

The water content from the veggies helps in getting rid of toxins responsible for clogged pores. Cucumber is also known for its cooling property which reduces the inflammation linked with pimples.

  1. Orange fruits and vegetables

Carrots, sweet potatoes and the like are filled with Vitamin A which is responsible for skin’s detoxification. They are also rich in beta-carotene which fights inflammation and reduce skin oil. The orange delights can be prepared in variety of ways. They can be mixed in salad, steamed or juiced. The best way is to eat them raw, as a raw food diet

  1. Oyster and Fish

Oyster is not only good as an aphrodisiac; it is also an acne fighting delicacy. It has zinc which fights pimples and helps the body absorb Vitamin A. It is best eaten fresh and raw to maximize the benefits. Fish is rich in Omega-3 which is a skin’s friend.

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt is loaded with probiotics. These good bacteria stop bad bacteria from starting acne. Fruits can be combined to the yogurt to rip its full potential.

  1. Dark Chocolates

Though other kinds of chocolates must be avoided, this dark goodness contains antioxidants. Antioxidants serve as the skin’s soldiers in fighting damage due to free radicals. These radicals are the culprits of uneven skin tone and pimple break-out.

  1. Water

Drinking enough water is repeated in every diet regimen. You know pretty well that water is good for you. But are you faithfully following the advice daily? The benefits of getting enough water are countless. Make sure to have your body hydrated from sun up to sun down. Add herbs to your water for a twist in taste.

  1. Green Tea

Studies prove that green tea is effective in treating acne. Green tea contains the EGCG antioxidants which reduce the size of sebaceous glands, over activity of these glands pave the way for acne.

What to Avoid:

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol worsens acne breakouts because it causes dehydration and adds up to the heat source.

  1. Sweets

High sugar treats must be avoided if you are dreaming of a flawless face. Sweets start and aggravate acne break-outs. You don’t need to totally deprive yourself but you must limit intake for every given period.

  1. Dairy Products

Except for yogurt, you should ditch all dairy products. A study specifically found a relationship between dairy milk and pimples. Milk leads to a rise in blood glucose which leads to inflammation. It also results to increased insulin which initiates secretion of skin oils. Milk products also block pores, a condition favorable for acne growth.

  1. Processed foods

Most of the processed foods have high glycemic index. These kinds of foods causes insulin spikes which often leads to inflammation and hormonal instabilities. Both of these conditions yield to acne. Junk foods and fast food are both included I this category.


  1. Too much Spices

All the strong spices including pepper and capsicum intensify acne. Opt for gentler herb counterparts like thyme and mint.


There are several things associated with acne; diet is just a single factor. You must remember to have good skin hygiene while modifying your diet to achieve desired results. Visit a dermatologist if all your efforts do not pay off.

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5 of the Worst Foods You Must Remove from Your Diet

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One of the saddest facts about life is you can’t eat anything you want without facing consequences. Satisfying every single one of your stomach’s cravings could jeopardize your health at the end of the day. If you want to live longer, stay away from foods that are—in actual fact—silent killers disguised as scrumptious edibles.

  1. Super Creamy Salad Dressings

un healthy saladYour whole life has been a lie? Well, that’s not really the case. Salads can still be considered healthy, but only if they aren’t drenched in cream-based, fatty dressings. Every salad devotee knows how mouth-watering Ken’s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch is, but wait till the big reveal. It contains 280 milligrams of sodium and 180 calories in every two tablespoons of it, which is just too much for such thing to be considered “completely safe”.

Also, Ken’s Steakhouse seems to be much worse. In each serving of 140 calories, it has 13 grams of fat. It’d be better if you’d have oil-based salads instead. They may not taste as good as its closest competitor, but they are absolutely less in calories and are way, way healthier.

  1. White Bread

white breadFood items prepared using white bread have tons of sugar in them, thus they’re not really a safe choice. They’re like a staple edible in most household, but it’s high time to put a massive X on this.

Certain studies have revealed that those who consume white bread are probably to gain unnecessary weight than those who don’t. Better have whole wheat bread or whole grain. These two have gamma-oryzanol, which is believed to help drop off one’s cholesterol level.

White bread/flour is also missing vital nutrients that your body needs in order to digest them causing your body to rob them from your reserves, don’t eat food that robs your body of vital nutrients. source for image

  1. White Rice

white riceThere’s something similar about white bread and white rice—both of them aren’t hale and hearty. The two shouldn’t ever be included in a healthy persons diet. Just like its bread counterpart, white rice only gives you the chance to gain more unwanted weight.

It even helps your body amass excess fat, which is just cruel. If you can’t really live without rice, choose the brown variety. has loads of nutrients, fiber and vitamins! The plant lignans that can be found in brown rice lowers the possibility of you acquiring heart ailments, which the white rice just couldn’t.

  1. Fructose-y Corn Syrup

If you’re obsessed with processed foodstuff, pasta sauces or baked goodies, then your taste buds must already be familiar with high fructose corn syrup. It’s a common ingredient among items mentioned above. Well, to tell you frankly, it’s bad for your health. Its brand of sweetness isn’t sweet at all. It further boosts your body’s production of triglycerides, making your more prone to heart-related diseases. That said, fresh fruits are a favored alternative.


 5.Fried Foods

Losing your mind over the fact that eating fried chicken, french fries or doughnuts is a totally bad habit that you need to do away with is pretty lame. Chill. All fried victuals are a rich source of trans fat, which is unquestionably bad for the heart. Also, they contain the substance called acrylamide, and that causes cancer. Now… to live, or to fried chicken—that is the question.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are more things that should be removed from your diet, refined sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives etc. If in doubt stick with plant based whole foods for a healthier and happier you!