Defeat Cellulite Via Nutrition

Hey it’s bikini season and there is nothing worse than the look of cellulite. Did you know that 90 percent of women suffer from this unsightly problem. It is more noticeable as you age which made me think that maybe it has something to do with lifestyle choices, first I thought only fat overweight people suffer from it but that is not the case although it is more apparent and common in overweight individuals. Another thing that is most likely obvious to everyone is the fact that it more common in women, this is due to the fat structure in women compared to men.

There are many ways to remove cellulite but what I am going to be focusing on in this post is just nutrition. From my online research I have found that people with  more acidic body’s tend to have more cellulite. Acidic body’ also cause many other health problems; it makes your body ideal breeding ground for pathogens (bacteria, fungus , viruses etc.) also your energy levels will be lower, your joints will not mend as well just to name a few of the health hazards of having a very alkaline body.

Alkalize Your Body

The main culprits to stay away from are refined sugar, alcohol, coffee and diary.

The main things to get more of are green leafy vegetables, lemons and fresh fruit.

I have included a chart below to help;

acid alkaline food chart

For the oils they could have added coconut oil (raw) or hemp seed oil. As you can see there is not any meat that will make your body alkaline, so making your diet consist mainly of fresh whole fruits and vegetables is the best place to start. An easy way to know your body is too acidic is if you are having problems with candida or acid reflux, there are many others but these are the most common.

Up Your Antioxidants

 Next you want to improve your intake of antioxidants. Some foods are more potent than others but as a general rule of thumb you want to stick to fresh whole fruits and vegetables, that is going to be a common theme not only in this post but in this entire blog, repetition is the key.

For the foods most rich in antioxidants you want to look for the foods with the brightest colors – the colors that will stain your clothing the worst. (Put it in your mouth not on your shirt :P)

Beetroot, Berries, Carrots, Oranges, Green leafy vegetables etc. Also some  more notable foods include Cacao (not cocoa) Chia seeds and Maqui berries. There are many other ways to remove cellulite but your diet is an excellent place to start, as an added bonus you will also improve your health overall!


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