Natural Breast Enhancement Is The Way To Go

A lot of women are actually conscious about the size of their breasts. Women, and even men, believe that, to really have a good body, a woman must have a big bust. This is the reason why those women who have smaller breasts tend to wish that they have big ones as they feel that they are inferior with their current bust sizes.

These women usually go with certain procedures that the recent technology has produced. This is because such technological procedures can often provide them with quick results that they can immediately see. However, what most of these individuals do not know is that the price of these immediate results are certain side effects.

The Side Effects of Breast Implants and Surgery

There are a couple of side effects that you will experience in this case. Here are some of them.

  • You have a higher chance of getting an infection.
  • You might experience numbness on your breasts at times.
  • Chronic breast pains may also happen.
  • Your breasts may become miss shapen.
  • You will see a permanent scar on your chest area.

Since the procedure also includes giving you an anesthesia before the surgeon opens up your body part, you might also experience some of the effects of anesthesia, such as nausea and vomiting.

Safe Methods for Breast Enhancement

There are actually safer methods that you can go with to enhance your breasts. These methods often provide fairly quick results. These methods are safer because they do not require you to go through surgeries or have implants inside your breasts.

Method #1 : Workout

You can perform workouts that targets the muscle group of your chest. Several studies have shown that women get a reasonable increase in their bust size after performing chest workouts. Some of the chest exercises that you can perform are chest bench press, push ups, and wall push ups.

Method #2 : Massage

When you massage your breasts, you help increase the blood flow circulation within these body parts. Aside from that, massaging the breasts will also help increase the nutrients which the tissues present in them can use. As a result, your breasts will increase in size. You may perform the massage when you wake up in the morning, before you go to sleep at night, or even both times.

Method #3 : Application of Oil

You can make use of organic oils which possess natural growth hormones and effective nutrients that your skin can absorb. Some of these organic oils are coconut oil and almond oil.

Method #5 : Fenugreek

Fenugreek, a natural progesterone and estrogen enhancer, is responsible for making your breasts firm and have good dimension. This is also good for a nursing mother since it helps the breasts produce more milk. You can take fenugreek as sprouts. You can also grind it into a paste which you can apply externally to your chest.

These methods are effective in enhancing the breasts. Most importantly, they are safe. In this case, you should always choose natural options over surgery.

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