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5 of the Worst Foods You Must Remove from Your Diet

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One of the saddest facts about life is you can’t eat anything you want without facing consequences. Satisfying every single one of your stomach’s cravings could jeopardize your health at the end of the day. If you want to live longer, stay away from foods that are—in actual fact—silent killers disguised as scrumptious edibles.

  1. Super Creamy Salad Dressings

un healthy saladYour whole life has been a lie? Well, that’s not really the case. Salads can still be considered healthy, but only if they aren’t drenched in cream-based, fatty dressings. Every salad devotee knows how mouth-watering Ken’s Steakhouse Buttermilk Ranch is, but wait till the big reveal. It contains 280 milligrams of sodium and 180 calories in every two tablespoons of it, which is just too much for such thing to be considered “completely safe”.

Also, Ken’s Steakhouse seems to be much worse. In each serving of 140 calories, it has 13 grams of fat. It’d be better if you’d have oil-based salads instead. They may not taste as good as its closest competitor, but they are absolutely less in calories and are way, way healthier.

  1. White Bread

white breadFood items prepared using white bread have tons of sugar in them, thus they’re not really a safe choice. They’re like a staple edible in most household, but it’s high time to put a massive X on this.

Certain studies have revealed that those who consume white bread are probably to gain unnecessary weight than those who don’t. Better have whole wheat bread or whole grain. These two have gamma-oryzanol, which is believed to help drop off one’s cholesterol level.

White bread/flour is also missing vital nutrients that your body needs in order to digest them causing your body to rob them from your reserves, don’t eat food that robs your body of vital nutrients. source for image

  1. White Rice

white riceThere’s something similar about white bread and white rice—both of them aren’t hale and hearty. The two shouldn’t ever be included in a healthy persons diet. Just like its bread counterpart, white rice only gives you the chance to gain more unwanted weight.

It even helps your body amass excess fat, which is just cruel. If you can’t really live without rice, choose the brown variety. has loads of nutrients, fiber and vitamins! The plant lignans that can be found in brown rice lowers the possibility of you acquiring heart ailments, which the white rice just couldn’t.

  1. Fructose-y Corn Syrup

If you’re obsessed with processed foodstuff, pasta sauces or baked goodies, then your taste buds must already be familiar with high fructose corn syrup. It’s a common ingredient among items mentioned above. Well, to tell you frankly, it’s bad for your health. Its brand of sweetness isn’t sweet at all. It further boosts your body’s production of triglycerides, making your more prone to heart-related diseases. That said, fresh fruits are a favored alternative.


 5.Fried Foods

Losing your mind over the fact that eating fried chicken, french fries or doughnuts is a totally bad habit that you need to do away with is pretty lame. Chill. All fried victuals are a rich source of trans fat, which is unquestionably bad for the heart. Also, they contain the substance called acrylamide, and that causes cancer. Now… to live, or to fried chicken—that is the question.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, there are more things that should be removed from your diet, refined sugar, flavor enhancers, preservatives etc. If in doubt stick with plant based whole foods for a healthier and happier you!